Ahmad Ali Khan

Apart from being a certified technical analyst, trader, trainer and mentor Ahmad Ali Khan is a data-driven and an insightful person who is passionate about growing terms and portfolios. He facilitate investors and traders to identify healthy stocks by looking for positive deviations in the Stock Market, using his tried and tested techniques.

He was always interested in stock market. His first experience on a trading terminal was during the meltdown of 2008 where he saw people losing money every day, learning from his and others mistakes ever since he has been in this market and more passionate than ever.

  • A passionately curious person who wants to find answer for every question
  • He loves to win, but helping his clients win gives him greater joy
  • He tell great narratives that motivate
  • He educates, refines and drives himself to be a better person
  • He is constantly learning because he never settles
  • He stays calm when faced with market volatility
  • He focuses on making high-quality profitable trades

He enjoys meeting new people and hearing new perspectives. Reach out if you want to talk about stock market, learn to trade or just a casual recitation of Poetry.